Caring for pets in Haringey

Next Lynne Featherstone MP visiting the Wood Green Animal Sheltervisit of the day was to the Wood Green Animal Shelter. Dennis Baker (OBE) – the Chief Executive – and Harry Eckman – the Shelter Manager – greeted me as I arrived. Here were really dedicated souls giving virtually free vet services to those who need it for their pets – as well as operating a sanctuary for animals that come their way and a re-homing service for cats.

And all this despite the facility being unbelievably cramped. The X-ray facilities, the operating room, the pre-op room and the waiting rooms are all tiny. I don’t know how they manage – but I do know that this is a vital service to our local community.

Private vets fees costs an arm and a leg – and I should know ‘cos I have a dog (black and tan mutt) who I got as a pup from Crisis at Christmas. Now 9 years old – and because I get to take her almost always out of hours – it truly costs a fortune, but what are you going to do if your pet is ill? So for those who cannot pay much – this service is a godsend.

Just while I am on the subject of vets fees – I would be happy to hear from anyone who has views and stories about vets fees and insurance cover.

Back to the shelter itself: whilst it started here in Wood Green, there is also a bigger facility near Huntingdon – where they have superb facilities and where I once went to look for a dog when I wanted to get one for us. The centre is a charity but forbidden to apply for lottery grant funding to help them expand their premises as those funds are only applicable to humans.

So they manage on legacies and donations – and if you want to help financially, I am sure they would be grateful. Extending the shelter would allow for greater care for poorly animals, and also help the shelter’s expansion into re-homing services. They will be having a Christmas Fare open day. If you don’t know the shelter and want to know more you can visit their website for more information:

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