Enthusing young people about politics

Meeting young people in HaringeyMet with three members of Haringey’s Youth Council and Youth Parliament. Bright as buttons and keen to engage with their MPs (me and David Lammy – being the Haringey MPs). We talk through some ideas such as tours of Parliament and perhaps setting up a ‘Question Time’ where the young people from all the schools can come and put questions to me and other invited politicians.

A real pleasure to meet them – and they were soooooooo on the button. Bullying, how to get young people enthused about politics and gun and knife crime were the key issues.

In the picture you can see left to right: Shayan Moftizadeh (16), Member of Yourth Parliament, Adam Jogee (15), co-chair of Haringey Youth Council, and Uniqer Redguard (15), Member of Youth Parliament.

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  1. The Haringey Youth Council furnishes our local young people with an opening to be heard and listened to by their local council and Member of Parliament (MP) s Lynne Featherstone and David Lammy. This initiative will operate as an instrumental local decision making youth body in which ‘us adults’ can listen to how young people want Haringey to progress as a borough, feed their opinions into improving council services and shaping council policies. It is a unique opportunity for you – young people- to make friends and meet people among your own peer group. I genuinely hope this Youth Council turns out to be a high profile platform for children and young people locally, and that ‘adults’ can hear what you young people have to say.Good luck young people’s Youth Council!Mash