0 thoughts on “Alcohol-related deaths up by a third

  1. Along with figures on “Alocohol-related deaths” can we have any figures about literary standards among Members of Parliament?

  2. Dear Lynne,Thank-you for bringing this up in your blog and in the local paper. It cannot be understated that this is a significant problem that will be matched in other city areas which also have a high level of mental health problems and with certain well defined population groups. The drug and alcohol services together with the mental health services work hard to do what they can but with restrictive budgets; a large, diverse population, and the threat of financial penalties (by the PCT)if they do not meet “performance indicators”: the outlook is not good. “Help the helpers help” because at the moment they are suffering the consequences of current NHS policy, with their own increased stress and dissatisfaction levels. The system at the moment is working only for itself and not for those who need it.Services of this nature are expensive as they are staff dependent, staff intensive and require the teaching of skills to their clients rather than a quick fix. Good services cost but they benefit the community.Thanks for your attention.