Haringey Lib Dems welcome public support for change in local tax system

Haringey Liberal Democrats have welcomed a recent poll showing a majority of the public support a change in the local tax system. The recent NOP poll commissioned by the BBC has shown that 60% of those questioned favoured the fairer system of a Local Income Tax.

Haringey’s Labour administration recently increased the Council Tax burden to an enormous £1431.74 for a typical household. Liberal Democrats have highlighted the rapid increase of Council Tax under the Labour administration in Haringey over the past ten years. A total of £575.74 has been added to the tax burden for the residents of Haringey – a staggering 67.26% increase from 1998/99.

The Liberal Democrats believe that the present system of Council Tax is unfair – with those on low and middle incomes bearing the brunt. Plans for a Local Income Tax would base local tax payments on the residents’ ability to pay based on earnings.

Neil Williams (Leader of the Opposition) comments:

“This poll shows that there is public support for the local taxation system to change. It is not fair that Haringey residents have been overloaded by years of Council Tax increases by Labour, yet there is no end in sight.”

Matt Davies (Finance Spokesperson) adds:

“Haringey residents on average pay more than the Prime Minister does for his luxury house in Central London. Nobody can say that this is a fair system of taxation. It is time.”