Lib Dem concern at increasing number of children without school places

Haringey Liberal Democrats have expressed concern over the growing rise in the number of children in Haringey without secondary school places. Figures published last week show that 8% of children in Haringey fail to receive a place in their top six choices – and the numbers have grown from 185 in 2005 to 219 in 2007.

Cllr Gail Engert (Lib Dem spokesperson on Education) comments:

“I am deeply concerned at the new figures, which show yet another increase in the children without school places. The Lib Dems have said that the new secondary school in Haringey was needed in 2008 rather than the projected 2010. The lack of secondary school places is something that, as a consequence of Labour’s indecision, will not diminish in the near future.”