Morocco shows how to fight terror

Interesting news from Morocco in recent days, with the first wave of female Imams “graduating”.

Interesting not just to see the same issue (“can religious leaders be female?”) played out in a religion other than Christianity. But interesting too to see that one of the motivations for introducing this change was a response to the horrific suicide bombings in that country by Islamic extremists a few years ago. Rather than simply going for a war on terror style crackdown of curtailed rights and increased intolerance, Morocco has tried to strengthen moderate Islam. A good move methinks.

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  1. As a uni student of religion and politics, I want to be able to brief you more about gender within Islam etc. Women have always trained and been educated to serve as Islamic Imams, but according to Conservative interpretation within Islam, they are not provided access to lead mixed gender prayers within a mosque. However, they are entirely welcome to lead the family prayers within their homes. This is an ongoing debate among scholars within Islamic circles, and one challenger who offers a real challenge is Dr Amina Wadud. You ought to read her book ‘Gender Jihad’ about mixed gender prayers and how she led the first mixed gendered prayer in the US. The Government of Morroco tows the American line…….in challenging extremism……Depending upon your meaning of ‘extremism’ which is defined in the Princeton dictionary as ‘a political theory favouring immoderate uncompromising policies.’ I think certain Governments define extremism as ‘you either endorse Government policy or your an extremist’. Therefore, anyone that disagrees with the Government policy is immoderate and favours uncompromising policies.One productive way in curbing extremism is to work within existing frameworks and tackle ‘extremism’ from within rather than forcing people to accept Government policy i.e Foreigh Policy….. it is called logical….. You are either ‘moderate’ and support the Government fully or ‘immoderate extremist’ and disagree with Government policies…….A good way to separate communities. As President Bush frequently asserts “it is between good and evil” that simple hahaha 🙂 ‘If you don’t do this – we don’t give you this…these prescriptive methods, I think is not helping.’ The perception is given to Muslims’ particularly that we are offensive when we criticise the government, it is blackmail, and when others criticize it is ok.Mash