Highgate parking: outrage as 'arrogant' Council dismisses concerns

As residents’ outrage over parking chaos in the Miltons area of Highgate grows, a Highgate councillor has expressed his anger at the response from Haringey Council.

Liberal Democrat Leader Neil Williams says Haringey Council’s response is “pitiful and inadequate”, and action must be taken to speed up parking solutions for the area.

Cllr Williams was commenting after he received a dismissive response from controversial parking boss, Cllr Brian Haley, to his requests that the Council get on with consultation in the Miltons area over parking controls. In a reply to Cllr Williams last week, Cllr Haley has refused to look at ways of speeding up the process so that the parking hell currently being experienced by residents in the Miltons can be addressed.

Cllr Williams has now demanded an urgent meeting with the Leader of the Council, and says that Haringey cannot just stick its head in the sand over the issue.

Cllr Neil Williams comments:

“Brian Haley’s response is arrogant and unacceptable. There is parking misery in the area, and no attempt by the council to take swift action – simply a culture of blaming others, when it is their own procedures that are at fault.

“Haringey Labour has delayed and delayed the whole consultation, and it now looks as if this whole process will take an entire year. This is simply not good enough, as the residents’ parking misery can only increase.”