What future for families?

Off to Edinburgh. Two brothers aged 15 and 11 got on at one stop and sat opposite me. We got into conversation and the reason I am writing about it is because they were both absolutely delightful – and that is a truth: that the vast majority of young people are good kids and not the bad kids that we hear endlessly about.

And that’s where you are wrong, David Cameron – because your ideas and preaching about tax breaks for couples who stay together is a political drum that can be beaten, but not what it takes to put in the support and engagement of parents for which helps give a feeling of security and stability and role models that those in particular from families that are no longer all under one roof need.

The two brothers were on their way to see their father – which they do every two weeks. They were lively, articulate, interested and interesting – everything you would want in your children.

And the only point I am making, is that it is the support and love and involvement that matters most. Trying to stick couples back together or encourage them through tax breaks isn’t the answer. And given the number of children that come from separated households, and the number of single parents (both sexes) battling to stay involved with their children fully – it’s insulting and discriminating against those families to suggest that only having one family all under one roof is the right answer.