Forced marriage

Wedding ringsThat’s the topic of my latest newspaper column (Asian Voice on this occasion):

Hanging together in the face of adversity – and often in the face of having a community flung into different parts scattered around the world – is an admirable trait. But it can lead to some customs, traditions and religious practices that cross a line of what can be accepted in a civilised society – and so where the state does have (in my view) a duty to intervene and prohibit.

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0 thoughts on “Forced marriage

  1. Good article. However, I do not accept the argument that this is a religious issue, that is completely absurd. The use of force marriages in Asian communities is widely disregarded as unacceptable and it is not encouraged either. However, there will be a ‘few’ people attempting to coerce their daughter or son to enter a forced marriage to ensure the daughter or son marries someone in his or her own community. Furthermore, Asian marriages have been far more successful globally than Western marriages between non-Asian communities. As cultural tradition is very very very important to us.