Are Liberal Democrat campaigners about to be put out of a job?

We all know how Lib Dem campaigners just love rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in to dumped rubbish, graffiti and dog poo – metaphorically!

Well – it looks like we might all soon be partly put out of business thanks to this excellent new website coming along:

It lets you report these sorts of local issues direct to the relevant council, but without having first to find out for sure which council covers them (especially useful if it is something you spot away from home or you are in an area with more than one layer of local government).

Bad councils will of course still need good campaigners to nag them, harry them and expose their shortcomings … but if it makes it easier for people to take direct action themselves (and so also to gain a greater sensible of responsibility for – and power over – the state of their own neighbourhood) then that can only be for the good.