FTSE 100 companies: will they lead the way on carbon footprints?

Having been talking to numerous people as I get myself up to speed and briefed on my new portfolio, it is clear that climate change is on everyone’s agenda.

One of issues at the moment is how many firms will follow the example of those like Marks & Spencer who have been path breakers in terms of taking their environmental impact and carbon footprint seriously.

Talking about these issues has given me an idea: why doesn’t the FT publish the carbon footprint of the companies in the FTSE 100? That would really set an example. Yes – I know most of them won’t have a clue what their footprint is – but that’s just the point. So I’ve punted this idea the FT’s way. I look forward to hearing back from him very soon. In fact – the FT could start a whole campaign on this. Leading the field.