Any Questions (UPDATED)

Lynne Featherstone MP and other guests for Any Questions with pupils from Langtree SchoolLast stop of the day is Radio 4’s Any Questions in Woodcote. (If you missed the show you can listen again for a week on the BBC website). They get you down there about 6pm to have dinner with the other guests, Jonathan Dimbleby and the producer. It is always very pleasant – but being before the show also slightly tense. My co-panellists are Tim Yeo (Tory), Chair of the Environment Select Committee, John Cruddas (Labour) and would be deputy leader candidate and George Pasco Watson of the Sun.

We all troop off to the Langtree School (who are great hosts) and into the hall. It was a lively audience and actually great fun. Obviously if you are on you scan the news all week to make sure you have some idea of what might come up. I predicted correctly on releasing paedophiles through lack of prison spaces; gay adoptions and the Catholic Church; British Summertime. But I didn’t plan on the BA threatened strike or size double zero models and London Fashion Week. But it was fine – and being relatively near I was home by 11pm.

UPDATE: Iain Dale’s take on my appearance is here.

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  1. Generally good points all round, Lynne. However, someone needed to pull the panel (especially Tim Yeo) up on saying that the beachcombers showed ‘criminal behaviour’, since it’s actually not criminal at all.Also, from a liberal (with a small ‘l’) point of view, George Watson deserved to be strongly criticised for suggesting that the police should just ‘make something up’ to permit arrests. Such a comment, even if partly in jest, is fairly abhorrent. He may not like the state of the law when it comes to wrecks, ignoring the law in order to stop something you don’t like is a scary route to take.