A street which wants to be inside Haringey’s Bounds Green CPZ scheme has been completely ignored by Haringey Council officials, claim two of its residents. They say Haringey dismissed the results of a comprehensive street petition they carried out, and told them to shut up.

“Haringey Council has simply refused to listen. They told us to prove we wanted the CPZ by getting a clear majority in a petition. We did. But yet they’ve still left us out and despite countless calls won’t tell us why.

“At the same time Herbert Road and Queens Road, which are right next to us, and whose residents didn’t want the scheme, are included.

“Haringey seems to be completely confused about who wants what and only hear what they want to hear. Their attitude stinks. This could really affect our lives but none of the people we’ve spoken to seem to give a damn. One actually told us not to kick up a fuss,” says Mrs Emma Croxall of Richmond Road, Bounds Green.

“After Haringey’s first survey, most of us were horrified when we found out our road wasn’t going to be included in the CPZ despite ALL the surrounding roads having it – we’ll be swamped with cars and we’ll be in the unbelievable situation of having to drive through a CPZ to get to our own road!

“We spoke to Haringey and they told us to petition the street. So I and my sister organised a survey of our own, which showed an overwhelming majority in favour of having a CPZ. Haringey have clearly chosen to ignore the results of our petition in their report.

“Cllr Haley clearly said the Council was not going to impose things against our will,” said Mrs Croxall this week. “But it has done. Why isn’t the council listening?”

The story emerges as Bounds Green residents get their third mail out in the consultation process. Liberal Democrats, who have consistently challenged the accuracy of the Council’s consultation procedures, say the sisters’ story is further proof of Haringey’s bad faith throughout the exercise.

Says Bounds Green Liberal Democrat councillor and spokesman on Community Involvement, John Oakes: “This bizarre story underlines Lib Dem fears that this sort of dishonest approach underlies Haringey’s whole CPZ strategy.

“The Council’s first survey found that 32% of residents didn’t want the CPZ. But the sisters’ survey found the 67% who do want it. The Council should have listened.

“Haringey just doesn’t want to get it right. Only two hundred yards from Richmond Road is the Springfield parade of shops, in Bounds Green Road. This has been placed on the outside edge of a CPZ scheme, which threatens to put them all out of business because of the parking charges key staff will have to pay every day. They have repeatedly protested against this to Haringey, but Cllr Haley has ignored their letters and emails. His officers have insulted them in public meetings.

“And a resident survey of adjacent Park Road shows it too is heavily against a CPZ scheme. But again, it has been included.

“This sort of behaviour shows Haringey’s true attitude: it is straight out of the Kremlin.”