Has Tony Blair been copying me?

Over the weekend I caught up on exactly what Ton Blair said in his recent speech about race relations … and it looks like what he’s now saying is (in some key respects) remarkably similar to what I’ve been saying! Perhaps he’s been reading my chapter on race relations in the recently published book – Britain after Blair

Not sure how I should react to finding he’s now saying the same things as me!

One of the topics was twinning faith schools together (in my chapter as co-siting faith schools) and my thesis that our historic state funding, albeit with the best intentions, of separateness with different races or faith groups in different community silos has to change to state funding for togetherness.

Now perhaps too we can update our history to better reflect what makes the country it is – knowing about Suliman the Great matters rather more now than the unification of Italy in understand the backgrounds that make up our country.