Liberal Democrats and residents are celebrating a campaigning victory, after news that Labour have backed down over the plans for a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Hornsey. Following the second phase of consultation confirming that there was almost no support for a CPZ in the area, Labour-run Haringey Council confirmed last night that they were being forced to abandon their plans.

Criticism of the way the Labour council has gone about consultation on the controversial plans continues to grow, with Liberal Democrat councillors renewing their calls for more detailed and tailored plans in other areas in which CPZs are planned.

Lib Dems say that, from the start, Labour have just not understood how to conduct a real consultation and they have missed a real opportunity to look at individual issues on a street-by-street basis. They favour a scheme designed to devise tailored solutions through working with the local community, saying that if early talks had taken place with local councillors and the local community, before any plans had been drawn-up, a lot of time and money could have been saved.

Martin Newton, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Traffic and Highways comments:

“We have been calling for Haringey Labour to properly consult with the community and to abandon the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to controlled parking schemes. It is a great shame that so much tax-payers’ money has been wasted by Labour on this when so few people wanted a CPZ in the first place.

“I hope that the Labour now comes to its senses and abandons these schemes where the local community respond that they do not want either a CPZ or pay-and-display parking scheme.

“The irony is that there are indeed some parking issues faced by residents – but Labour simply have no idea what they are. A real consultation is not one where plans are drawn up in a backroom and then presented for comment – it is where plans are drawn up in a process that involves residents in the first place.

“We are all affected by the environmental impact from all forms of transport, but the Labour Council’s approach, or any Labour aspirations for a borough-wide CPZ does not provide the solution.”