90 days detention without charge

Dash up to do live Sky interview for 8.30am. But due to breaking news – Tony Blair in Afghanistan, with a live feed – they say can I stay for 9.00 live, and then after that I do a pre-record on 90 days detention without charge, why prisoners shouldn’t be able to claim working tax credits and the billions spent on the Iraq war.

Lord Goldsmith’s pronouncement that the Government should not go back to Parliament to ask for 90 days extension to detention without charge without compelling evidence is very welcome. And whilst the media term this a split within government ranks – I welcome it as a breath of fresh air. The Government has being playing politics with the terrorist issue – and it is far too serious an issue for them so to do.

No politician, whatever their persuasion, would deny that in extremis our usual patterns of life and rights would warrant abeyance and disruption for the duration. What is not acceptable is a Government who seeks to rattle sabres without sound basis – and then criticise opposition politicians for questioning their demand.

10 out of 10 to Lord Goldsmith.

Meanwhile – someone emails me that I have made it to the top of the weekly round up of blog postings collated by Tim Worstall. I go and check it out and am really pleased as (a) the piece he picked is quite long – and it shows that people actually are willing to read quite long pieces of text in this sound-bite world, (b) that the piece is being read as intended and (c) Tim says some nice words about me! So – thank you Tim.

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  1. Well deserved reocognition, Lynne, Congratulations.Politics – which when all is said and done, comes down to decisions for action – is not a matter of black and white. In your article you demonstrate very clearly the mental agonies that you, as an elected politician, have to go through – when both sides have a good argument in terms of your Lib Dem principles, the answer can never be an easy one.Which is why a Lib Dem MP who thinks things through starting from basic principles, is the best sort to have. Well done, lynne, and keep going.

  2. Well done Lynne. And there was I just a moment ago commenting that only the French could find a sexy looking politician (mainly because Mme Royal reminds me of a favourite Parisienne) and I find your blog.That Iain Dale has a lot to answer for.