Councillor Ron Aitken is calling for Arriva Buses and a local school to take action after having no choice but to intervene in a fight between two girls on the W3 bus. A girl from Hornsey School for Girls was left with injuries to her nose and face during a violent incident involving four older pupils from the school.

After being given first aid the pupil was accompanied by friends and Cllr Aitken to her normal getting off stop in Wood Green.

Councillor Aitken comments:

I was quite shocked by the incident – there was blood all over the bus. The young lady was very shaken up, and bleeding heavily from her nose. My understanding is that her head had been slammed against the bus window.

“I was on the W3 bus travelling towards Alexandra Palace when the incident occurred near Priory Park at about 3.30pm. Something like fifty school children were very animated, as children are, but some of them seemed particularly excited, and before I knew it they were fighting.

“Although recent efforts by the Neighbourhood Policing Teams at bus stops during school leaving time are welcome, there are clearly issues of bullying and intimidation which need to be addressed by the schools and London Buses”.

In a previous incident on a W3 bus Cllr Aitken and another Lib Dem councillor had to bundle a violent and abusive male out of the doors before someone was injured.