Extradition with the US

Catching up on this week – on Wednesday Parliament was prorogued. A strange name for the ending of business – in this case ahead of the Queen’s Speech next Wednesday. So we rushed through finishing off business from the last “Parliamentary year” so the decks are clear ahead of the Queen’s Speech kicking off the new one next week.

So – the Commons (MPs) had to deal with all sorts of odds and sodds of Bills, deciding what to do with changes voted through in the Lords to them. The Commons either has to agree or reject them. Amongst all the completing / finishing off were a few of the unresolved clashes where Labour had lost to the other parties in the Lords but hadn’t been willing to back down in the Commons. In the end either the Lords has to back down or the Commons has to make a concession (or in extreme cases the Commons over-rules the Lords with the Parliament Act).

The most notable being the row of our unequal and unfair of British citizens under the extradition arrangements with the USA. On that the Tory Lords caved in ultimately (and got heavily criticised in the media for their backdown).

I don’t subscribe to caving in on issues that are of such importance as equal treatment of British citizens by foreign Governments. No doubt, we will have to bring the row over extradition back at the next legislative opportunity. Perhaps Labour will roll it up with other treaties on extradition and look to set renegotiating principles. The Government never likes to be seen to be acting on Opposition positions – preferring to bring things back under their own banner. That’s fine – so long as they do.

0 thoughts on “Extradition with the US

  1. I think that it is a tragedy that Tory peers were so pusillanimous over the extradition treaty. While it was good that Lib Dem Peers were honourable, I think it is unlikely that the Government have the backbone or the desire to renegotiate the Treaty with the US. In the meantime British citizens WILL be extradited to the States for alleged crimes that should be tried here or even for matters which were not crimes in the UK at the time when the ‘illegality’ was alleged to have happened.

  2. So now we know what all the talk from David Cameron’s Tories about standing up to the US and for Englishmen really means! All just talk!