Haringey Lib Dems have expressed surprise and anger that Haringey Primary Care Trust has suddenly put the Fortis Green Health Clinic up for sale. Local councillors had previously been assured by the Trust that it would not be sold until after the Hornsey Hospital site was redeveloped. Local GPs had expressed an interest in moving in to the Clinic, allowing it to be kept for health use.

Health Spokesperson Cllr Richard Wilson comments:

“The local Health Trust are counting their chickens before they are hatched. They should not be selling off any health related land or facilities in Muswell Hill until they are certain the Hornsey Hospital redevelopment is going ahead.Many attempts to replace the Hospital have already fallen through, and the risk for residents is we could end up with neither a hospital nor a clinic.

“We are told the NHS is improving, but all we see locally are more cuts and closures.The Trust must halt this sale straight away.”

Fortis Green ward councillor Martin Newton adds:

“We were told that the Fortis Green Clinic was safe until a better facility was provided. I am angry that the Trust has suddenly changed its mind and is now rushing to make to sell the site.

“Local GPs were keen to move into the clinic when it became free, but it seems the Trust has closed the door to this option and want to sell of the land to developers. I urge the PCT to halt the Clinic sale and start exploring the options of turning it into a GP surgery.”