Prolonging the agony for the mutts of this world

It On the climate change march with colleagues from Haringeywas the climate change (against!) march yesterday (Saturday) – and off I went with Lib Dem colleagues from Haringey and every part of London. Much hanging around with march organisers marshalling us into position – with other contingents put in their places too. I think it was University College London in front of us – who had a theatrical troupe and loud drums, which livened it up a bit.

For a couple of hours in clear but freezing sunshine we waited for the off. Then indeed we were off – and marching. There is something fantastic about the activity of marching for a cause (and they don’t come more worthwhile than saving the planet). My first ever march was about 30-odd years ago when I marched against ‘Maggie Thatcher, Union Snatcher’ when the then Education Minister wanted to take power away from student unions. I threw flour bags at her effigy. (Street cred or what?).

But there really is something very fulfilling about marching and stating publicly what you are fighting for – what you stand for. As London Spokesperson, I was pleased to see a good turnout – and Chris Huhne (our Environment Spokesperson) was there too – along with Jo Swinson and Ed Davey MPs. As we came into Trafalgar Square the sun was streaming down on us and it was a truly gorgeous day.

In the evening it was Ally Pally fireworks. Funnily enough, having been invited for the last nine or ten years – I have never managed to go as it has always been on the same night as my daughter’s school firework night – and for this sort of thing, it’s children rule OK!

But this year, for the first time, her firework night is next Saturday – so off we went. Sods law, having been on my feet virtually all day for the march – I then had a long hike up to the Pally as there is no other way to access it on firework night. But what a great display it was. Though – every year around this time I just feel so sorry for pets. My dog is petrified by fireworks and every one that goes off sees her running madly around barking with fear. Whilst I accept a couple of weekends around the 5th of November – the fireworks seem to extend for four weeks or so – and not just weekends – prolonging the agony for the mutts of this world.

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