The Lib Dem councillors for Stroud Green have demanded urgent action from Haringey Council to fix the blocked drains in and around Stroud Green Road which have been flooding for several months.

There are several sites where the drains are severely blocked, causing flooding every time it rains. The problem is particularly bad on Marquis and Perth Road, perpendicular to Stroud Green Road.

Councillor Ed Butcher says:

“After a heavy rainfall, I regularly see people getting soaked by passing cars as they wait to cross. Recently I saw one poor old lady who had to dodge the traffic on Stroud Green Road trying to circumnavigate the puddle on Perth Road.”

“Action needs to be taken now before these floods become Biblical in proportion or someone gets hurt.”

Councillor Wilson adds:

“There is obviously a serious drainage problem that needs urgent investigation and repair by the Council. The puddles are surprisingly large and deep:when I investigated the water in Perth Road it went several inches up my wellies.But Stroud Green residents shouldn’t need to wear wellies just to use the local shops!

“Stroud Green residents often feel a bit neglected by Haringey Council as we’re at the end of the borough, and the Council not taking any action for months on end only adds to their suspicions.”