My knitting and I

Spend until after lunch chairing a Community Crime and Policing Conference at Parliament but then whipped back to grab an hour and a half at the Annual Knit & Stitch Exhibition at Ally Pally. I try and go every year – but I’m working right through the weekend so no time then. I knit! I know this will ruin my image (such as it is) but I love knitting. Since being elected though I really haven’t had much time and the last thing I knitted took four years. And to add insult to injury, when I finished and put it on it didn’t fit and was ghastly. But I just got an urge to knit something new – and having just got back I didn’t actually find a pattern which is just as well as it would probably take about 10 years for the next one.

I like quite high fashion knits and stopped at one stand as I quite liked the style of the two cardigans on display. This turned out to be SIRDAR (who are giants – but not high fashion) marketing a new range which I think was called ‘Sublime’ which is to try and capture the high end of the market. The MD of SIRDAR was there and we had a bit of a chat. Now I know this is all highly irrelevant as it is personal not professional – but it kind of combined both as Ally Pally hosts this really National Event and it is one of the great exhibitions that goes on there. I go to at least a couple of their shows every year – but I wondered how many local people do go. Today there was a veritable army of women (and almost no men – a few tokens) marching up and down the exhibits. This is the heart of Britain – Womens’ Institute and John Lewis women who make curtains, and sew and knit. And I love it!

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  1. You have doubtless read Jo Grimond’s Memoirs? On p. 117: “One of my most popular predecessors had been Cathcart Wason… He won Orkney and Shetland as a Liberal Unionist in 1900… changed to being a Liberal and remained as MP until 1921… He was said to have knitted in the House of Commons. An extremely sensible way to pass the time but did he do it in the Chamber itself? I have been unable to find out. I doubt if nowadays it would be in order.”