Thames Water – not generous

I agreed to do a phone interview as Thames Water are surveying people as to what we think of their services (as a Parliamentarian as opposed to me as a person with a home). Lots of companies do this and to entice MPs into agreeing to what is around 20 -25 minutes of interview they offer to donate to charity. The Charity is Water Aid – and that is an excellent charity setting up fresh water access in far flung parts of the world. So I said yes.

So the good news is that Thames Water is trying to find out what we think about it, what it should be doing etc etc. The bad news is at the end of the interview, I asked the interviewer what donation I had just earned for Water Aid. It is £10 per MP and £500 in all from all the MPs. This is beyond paltry. The minimum is usually around £50 per MP for this sort of thing and some going as high as £200. MPs do it – because of the charity benefit for it. 25 minutes of mind-numbing questions would not be first on the list to squeeze into a day.

That is why I am publishing this on my blog. It is my only revenge for a company who make Scrooge look generous!

UPDATE: Thames Water have now decided to be more generous.

0 thoughts on “Thames Water – not generous

  1. Charity begins at home, Lynne, with your constituents. The day Thames Water agree to pay your salary of sixty grand a year plus expenses is the day you can put their interests ahead of your constituents.

  2. Who says she’s putting Thames Water ahead of her constituents? Answering a phone survey is hardly doing that!

  3. What a very very silly comment “Pundit” Making a big firm give more money to charity is what I want to see more MPs doing. More of what Featherstone’s done and less of your silly comments would make the world a much better place.

  4. By all means make big firms give more money to charity. Then watch the big firms start laying people off. You just don’t get it do you? Fortunately, the voters do. Which is why your pie-in-the-sky policies will leave you with no more than 20 MPs at the next election …. that’s if you can do a few deals with the BNP. Lib Dems woo BNP in bid to oust Tories &raquo