Where should the buses park in Highgate?

Yesterday I met the Leader of Camden Council, Keith Moffat, in Highgate Village to make him see for himself how destructive Camden’s proposals to stand buses outside the restaurants on South Grove would be. If Transport for London will consider the Highgate Society’s plan to move the whole caboodle – this might turn into a golden opportunity to sort the village out. Fortunately, Keith saw immediately the problem and promised to look into the issue further.

It’s the subject of my latest column:

The plan to start parking buses alongside the restaurants in Highgate Village is insane. The bus stands should never have been sited 30 years ago in the middle of the Village on the opposite side of the road from the restaurants anyway – but to propose parking them on the same (south) side as the restaurants … !

You can read the full piece on my website.

0 thoughts on “Where should the buses park in Highgate?

  1. Buses have been stopping in Highgate next to Pond Sq for at least 50 years. Trolley buses stopped there, and before that, the trams.Next to the site, one hundred years, ago was a blacksmith’s forge. The buses stand in what has been a turning point for coaches for hundreds of years.LEAVE IT ALONE LYNNE!!

  2. It would be a big mistake to re-locate the bus stand to the opposite side of the road where Strada and Cafe Rouge are situated. Why would anyone want to sit outside these establishments if their eating experience is marred by lungfuls of dirty, smelly, black diesel clouds when the buses start up? Also, these are but two of a handful of restaurants in the village that offer all-day family-friendly outdoor dining, so why spoil this? To me it seems that no-one from Camden Council has visited the village to appreciate these facts!

  3. Of course it would be crazy to park buses outside these two restaurants. This is why it is quite likely to happen…But it also isn’t very nice to have parked cars pointing into them – as currently.I have been half blinded while sitting in the cafe -by an officious Bentley-driver parking outside – virually in the cafe.In fact, never mind the bus fiasco, let’s give Lynne something else really dire to get her teeth into:Why is it necessary for (mainly Bentley/RangeRover/Volvo) drivers to cruise around in daylight with their horrible headlights on?We should be prepared to quit the EU in protest over this extremely foolish measure which causes huge discomfort and danger to all other road users.What about it, Lynne?