Black History Month

Yesterday, With Mike Phillips at the launch of Black History Month. Photo: Henry JacobsI went to Bruce Castle to help launch Black History Month. Black History Month takes place in October each year and in Haringey offers the most incredible selection of events for local people to see, join in, visit. If you go to Haringey Council’s website – there is a program there of all the local events. There is a massive range – and it is an opportunity not only for members of the black community to ‘celebrate, learn and remember’ black history but also for all of us who are not black to share, learn, understand and enjoy that history. As I said at the event:

The speakers, the choice, the variety, the depth, the range and the role call of role models – absolutely incredible.

But that’s just it – this program simply mirrors the depth and extent of the contribution of our black community to the fabric of life in Haringey.

I may be, I am, a middle-aged white woman – but for anyone of any race – and we are all races in Haringey – black history is now part of our history too – and I thank the black community for the opportunity that Black History Month also provides for the all of us who are not black to appreciate, learn and understand and share the past and present of our black community and celebrate its achievements – and enjoy its cultural richness.

Congratulations to all who have worked and are working so hard to make this celebration so vibrant and so successful and to Dr Carter Woodson, whose mission and determination to bring black history into the mainstream public arena started so long ago in America but is here today, alive and well in Haringey.

As the month says: celebrate, learn and remember. That’s really says it all.

Mike Phillips (novelist and Curator of the Tate) was the Honoured Guest and gave a really good speech. I spoke briefly as did George Meehan – Haringey’s Leader. It was a lovely evening and a good opportunity to have a natter with all those who came.