0 thoughts on “Muswell Hill Library

  1. Haringey Council needs to trust local people more. Give us the real figures and facts – and then local people will want to contribute their ideas and views to make a judgement about what is actually needed to deliver a state of the art library – with or without a restaurant! Lynne, your comments are right but the critical issue is for the Council to be open and transparent about it’s plans and furnish the public with facts so that we can then may a judgement call.

  2. What is it with Haringey Council? Company confidentiality should not prevent the release of figures – it is clear that those involved do not want us, Joe Public, knowing what lucrative profits they’d be making out of this deal if it went ahead. Preserve the library! Why not dedicate a small area in the library to a cafe selling tea, coffee and snacks – it would bring people into the library. This set-up works well in Borders and Waterstone’s bookshops where they have outfits such as Starbucks. The rental income generated by this kind of sub-letting could help to pay for the essential renovation and repair works that the library needs and encourage greater use of the library facilities.

  3. I always thought that a library was intended to STIMULATE READING not latte-quaffing. If the latte is what you’re looking for, there are plainly far too many establishments in Muswell Hill ready to charge you the price of a paperback for an injection moulded coffee plus pastry combo.However poor the value they offer, it is – surely – not really the role of Haringey Council to compete with these “local” businesses?They really must refuse themselves planning permission for a cafe.Perhaps they lack the imagination to see that what we REALLY are begging them to do with our hard-earned taxes is to provide first class educational facilities. This should obviously include running well-stocked libraries. No way does it run to them donuts, buns (or organic carrot cake).PLEASE, LYNNE, MAKE THEM DO THE THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER…. AND PLEASE MAKE THEM DO THOSE THINGS PROPERLY!!!

  4. That’s a really good idea to dedicate an area to a small cafe providing tea, coffee and snacks.a serious small cafe. A large commercial restaurant is out of the question. The Library dies at 6 and the restaurant lives on! Oh no.