Gordon Brown's speech

So – today was Gordon’s big day. For a man renowned for obsession with detail and preparing speeches for ages – I thought it was surprisingly bad. Overall – ok, but in the circumstances – Gordon didn’t rise to the occasion. He has sometimes in the past – “we are best when we are Labour” was one of the few speeches of the New Labour era that really seemed to strike a chord and stick in the memory – but not this time. Today it was dour and brooding Gordon.

For me, as a London MP, he’ll always struggle to overcome his obsession with privatising our Tube, pouring away millions and millions in fees for lawyers, accountants, consultants etc etc drawing up hugely complicated contracts rather than putting the money straight into improving the service. Prudent, not!

As front-runner perhaps he just wanted to play safe in the leadership election, though as David Davis showed with the Tory contents front-runners don’t always stay at the front…

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  1. Your blog is soooooooooooo slow to load now I get bored waiting for it. Has something gone wrong with the computer?

  2. I think this time next year Gordon Brown will be saying, ‘I used to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’.