Nick Clegg's conference speech

So last night was a veritable blog-fest! And blogging is soooooo flavour of the moment. I went straight out after handing over the award to do Five Live with John Pienaar, who is himself today starting a blog for the first time! Good luck John!

This morning, Monday, the big event is my boss – otherwise known as Shadow Home Secretary or Nick Clegg’s keynote speech. I have just emerged from his bravura performance where Conference gave him a standing ovation. It was an excellent speech which really went for the shallowness of Labour’s rhetoric on crime, their obsession with new legislation (3,000 new offences since taking office) and their hideous illiberal approach to dealing with the new threats we face – which also won’t deliver. As Nick put it – they need to do less but do it better. He proposed a Great Repeal Act to take away the raft of useless laws that encroach on our British values and way of life. Read his speech – it is worth the time. It’ll appear shortly at

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  1. I missed it first time round, but it was rebroadcast over lunch and I very much enjoyed it.It really hit the spot.