0 thoughts on “Brighton conference – first video diary

  1. I heard the Lib Dems are deliberately bribing people to become Members of Parliament (MPs) and local councillors, did the Met Police not run the same incentive scam to recruit people from BME communities, which was a complete and utter sham. Why are we using money to coerce new ethnic minorities and women with money- what a complete joke. Moreover, if people hate politics, we should not use money to bribe them rather we should be able to engage with the public more effectively- I used to hate politics few years ago, but have become increasingly involved because of Governments anti-Muslim ranting and new Lib Dem party policies, which were in line with my own political viewpoints. Furthermore, are politicians seem to only turn up on Rupert Murdoch’s Sky news and other news outlets owned by him……. Our politicians should speak on Islam Channel, Channel S, B4U and the million other channels out there. Remember, you need to engage with the disengaged……Thanks