Liberal Democrat councillors in the London Borough of Haringey have expressed dismay that the Council is to press ahead with further consultation on ALL CPZ schemes that have caused such controversy in the borough. Lib Dem councillors were informed of the rough outline of Haringey Council’s plans at a meeting last night.

The Council has indicated that it will go ahead with further consultation on CPZ schemes in Bounds Green, Fortis Green, Hornsey and Harringay. Though the Lib Dems have been told that these will be reduced in size from that proposed in the original consultation, it is not yet clear by how much. The re-consultation on these schemes will take place from 25th September to 16th October.

Pay and display plans for Crouch End and Muswell Hill are also to go through another consultation, from 23rd November to 14th December.

Lib Dem Leader Neil Williams comments:

“I am extremely disappointed that in what has become an utterly flawed consultation process, the Council has not decided to scrap the schemes and start again from scratch, with a meaningful process that involved residents fully and properly researches parking problems, coming up with careful tailored solutions to address a real problem. The present ‘blanket’ approach is not working.”

Parking spokesperson Cllr Martin Newton adds:

“The Council has still not revealed its specific consultation proposals to Lib Dem councillors, and every move from the Council will be watched closely. We will be inspecting the returns from the first stage of the consultation, to check that the Council has any rational basis at all for pressing ahead.”