Commenting on the Joint Committee Report on Counter-Terrorism policy and Human Rights, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson, Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“This report shows how badly wrong the Government has got its terrorism legislation.

“The Government is willing to lock up suspects without charge but isn’t willing to use intercept evidence to convict. We have to ask, what is the purpose of their incarceration if not to convict?

“The Government has been rattling sabres about extending the 28 day period without charge. This reports put a nail in that coffin.

“These laws were supposed to allow the police time for further investigation so that the suspect could be brought to justice. The Government needs to tell us what on earth has been going on.

“Clearly we have been misled over the use of the terror law of detention without charge. If the suspect is not being investigated during incarceration – then that detention is being conducted under false pretences.”