To comment or not to comment?

I’ve been reading with interest the discussion on Iain Dale’s blog about my blog, and whether I should allow comments.

I thought that Tim (whoever you are!) put it quite well:

“Lynne’s blog is set out as a ‘diary’, as the title explains. That suggests that she is simply listing the events of her week, and the thoughts she has had on it. I notice with her blog that most of her opinions are linked to what has
happened to her in the week.”

But he did go on to say I should allow comments anyway!

Anyway – food for thought there (and in feedback from others), so I’m thinking about turning on comments. Frankly anything that may engage more with the public should be looked at by an MP – though perhaps I draw the line at Big Brother!

One concern obviously is that the comments descend into political Punch and Judy (though Punch and Judy are often funnier!). The comments on Boris Johnston’s blog work quite well from what I’ve seen – but this seems to the exception.

Another thought is that there are plenty of other places where people can talk ‘national’ politics. What attracts me most about having comments is around engaging better with people in my constituency (Hornsey & Wood Green). Even if comments work well, this local discussion might get drowned out by wider political discussion from people across the country.

So – here’s a one-off experiment. You can let me have your comments on whether you think I should allow comments, how they would work best, etc. here – where a sample of them (will) appear too.