Hugging hoodies

So what to make of Boy Dave and hugging hoodies? I feel that Cameron is making a mockery of politics at the moment. How can people believe or trust their politicians when it is so cynical and so glaringly obvious that these gargantuan shifts in tone are about votes and not conviction?

So whilst Dave sets mood music to be conned by, I remember back to my first Question Time (one week after I was elected to Parliament last year) when Bluewater shopping centre was all over the news for wanting to ban hoodies. Asked my views, I said that any establishment is entitled to a dress code – but that having been said a hooded top was an article of clothing and in my view young people should be judged by their actions not what they wear. The Tory next to me was Boris! Now Boris agreed with me – and Boris is believable – Boy Dave isn’t.

Hopefully his merry dance between cuddliness and rightwing views will end up with him losing both the Tory core vote and the centralist votes – who both will see this for what it is.