Postal services in Haringey

Lynne Featherstone campaigning for better postal servicesFirst of two evening meetings. It is a meeting to begin to put together a group of volunteers to start a postal pressure group. Following the postal services survey I carried out earlier this year – and to which I had a mammoth response – I want to put together a practical and constructive group to keep a watching and testing brief on how we recipients are being treated.

The survey identified a number of issues, the main ones being around theft and loss of mail, damaged mail, delays, miss-deliveries, complaints not being acted on, getting a card through your door saying no-one was in to receive a parcel when someone had be in; and so on. For some people it’s a minor irritation, for some it’s a significant problem and for a some – whose business and livelihood depend on the postage service – it’s an absolute nightmare. (And as ever in public life when you take up an issue – there are one or two people who think it doesn’t matter at all and can’t possibly imagine that it might matter to anyone else either!).

We had a senior person from Royal Mail and we went through all of the issues and how we might work together to actually make a difference. We agreed to put a group together with a relatively tight agenda which would focus on the do-able and the local! I have some volunteers willing to take this on – but anyone who is interested and reads this is welcome to contact me if they would like to be involved. I will be reporting more fully on the meeting and the way forward in due course.