Children's play equipment in Noel Park

Summer days and local or school fetes are the order of the day at the moment. Noel Park Community Family Fun Day is one of the ones this weekend. It is a gloriously sunny day. I meander around the stalls introducing myself and learning about what is going on.

The big issue, about which many people wanted to talk to me, is Haringey Council’s failure to replace the children’s’ play equipment that they removed while building the children’s centre.

Promised now for two years that it would be replaced, local kids are facing their second summer without anything to play on. I will meet one of the organisers about it this week – and a little pressure and some help from the media will hopefully prompt them into action. That’s what happened with Campsbourne Play Centre where the Council had been messing them around – and last week I ‘opened’ the new play equipment. So – action stations!

Then it’s on to Bounds Green School where I am working on the refreshment stall, doing a walk about and then drawing the raffle. All went well – and then on to Abbeyfield open day. Abbeyfield is a home for the elderly – beautifully maintained and run. There are cakes for sale (which I buy) and lots of families visiting their loved ones.

Fortuitously on Sunday I am able to get home in time from visits to get home to watch England play Equador. Painful as always! I am in trouble for the next match as I (as a member of the Home Affairs team) sit on the Government’s Community Development group and we have to go for a two-day meeting next Friday and Saturday – and although it finishes at 1.30pm on the Saturday the chances of getting back to London in time for the 4 o’clock kick off are nil!