Cyprus Day

It’s hot, hot, hot! And I go off to St Barnabas Church off Trinity Road for a service for Cyprus Day. Inside this old church it is sweltering – like a sauna. Other dignitaries and myself are on a raised platform by the dais. It is the day of Pentecost and also St Barnabas day AND Cyprus Day – so the service will be very long. His Eminence Gregorios, Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain leads the celebrations and His Excellency the High Commissioner of Cyprus in Great Britain, Mr Petros Eftychiou was also there to deliver the speech of the day.

The whole congregation was fanning itself with the program. I don’t know how the clergy carrying out the service managed to survive in the heavy brocade robes – which were gloriously rich – but hugely thick. As the service went on the incense was pungent and the tones of incantation in foreign tongue mesmerising. I really enjoy religious services. They are always fascinating – and have so much in common with each other, including the collection for building repair. That really is universal! Mind you, Eric Monk, the local beat officer was next to me – and his uniform was no lightweight affair either. Really nice to see how well known he is amongst the community – full credit!

The High Commissioner of Cyprus in GB gave a speech – but it was not in English so I don’t know what the subject was – I can only speculate that it was about Cyprus and how to bring the island to prosperity for all. After about two hours the service ended and following photos with the Archbishop I departed homeward.