Residents of Risborough Close, Muswell Hill, have once again enlisted the help of Councillor Gail Engert in their ongoing attempts to end the weekly accumulations of huge piles of rotting rubbish in their close caused by a Haringey Council cock-up.

Haringey Council said in December last year that the issue was the lack of a refuse storage area. The Council’s wheelie bins would not fit in their current storage area, they explained, and rubbish would simply have to be left out in the open to be collected, leading to it spilling out of the bags and attracting vermin, until a new storage area could be built.

In April residents were relieved to witness the construction of the new bin storage area, believing that the issue could finally be resolved. But a month later, they were furious – the problem was now even worse, as there had been no delivery of new bins, and now two different piles of rubbish were the result.

Councillor Engert comments:

“The residents have every right to be angry – Labour-run Haringey Council seems to have no joined-up thinking at all here. Council officers explain that there is little that can be done, and that they are at the mercy of their bin suppliers. When approached, another supplier was clear that they could deliver them within days. Why is the Council sticking with suppliers that simply cannot provide the service they require? I have written to the Council to insist that action is taken immediately. This cannot be a difficult problem to solve – we need a Council with a ‘can-do’ attitude.”