The Liberal Democrat Home Affairs team, including Lynne Featherstone MP, have applied to renew their passports to prevent their details from being added to the ID cards database.

Once the Government has set up the National Identity Database, everyone who applies for a passport will have to attend an interview and have their fingerprints and irises scanned.

Passports issued now will be valid for 10 years, meaning people will be able to wait until 2016 before they have to register for an ID card.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Nick Clegg MP said:

“ID cards will be expensive, intrusive and ineffective.

“I urge everyone who is concerned about their introduction to join the NO2ID ‘Renew for Freedom’ campaign and renew their passport over the coming weeks.

“The Liberal Democrats were the only party to vote against the introduction of identity cards, and we’re making our opposition clear today by buying ourselves 10 years of freedom from this unnecessary scheme.”


1.The anti-ID Cards lobby group NO2ID is running a campaign to get people to renew their passports this May. More details are available at

2.Passports can be renewed at any time, irrespective of their expiry date.

3.MPs Nick Clegg, Lynne Featherstone, Mark Hunter, Roger Williams and party president Simon Hughes, took their passports to the London passport office in Victoria.

4.Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke confirmed that passport renewal before the introduction of the National Identity Database will stop details being entered onto the register:“Anyone who feels strongly enough about the linkage not to want to be issued with an ID card in the initial phase will be free to surrender their existing passport and apply for a new passport before the designation order takes effect.”— Charles Clarke, on 21st March 2006.