Hornsey YMCA

Pouring with rain and freezing cold – the 10K run in the Hornsey YMCA’s annual Fun Run and Children’s’ Race day was still great – but not like a summer day when families spend the day having fun and picnicking.

I start the race and then give out prizes a couple of hours later when the runners have run. The money raised this year (and this was the biggest year of entry ever) is going to TreeHouse Trust – a local charity that provides top-notch education for children with autism in Muswell Hill. They have integrated well into the local community – and some of their children were taking part in the races today. Fab!

It was so wet and miserable, however, that despite the British stoicism that saw all the runners run regardless, not all the winners hung around for their prizes. The overall winners were there – and well done to everyone who took part. The Hornsey YMCA does fantastic work in the local community and deserves much more thanks and recognition than it gets. Today they had their new community bus at Priory Park. This bus will go out to reach those youngsters who normal channels don’t reach to give them information on pathways to work and sexual health advice and so on.

Later in the day I go to St Mary’s where the Lib Dems are having their thank you party to all those who helped us in the recent local elections. The room is packed – and the really great thing is that there are dozens of people I don’t know. In the old days I knew everyone. But we have grown so hugely over recent years – this is the result. So I spend the next few hours talking to the people I don’t know – all of whom really helped us to the fantastic result we achieved. Taking eleven seats directly off of Labour and topping the poll across the borough was no mean feat – and if there are a couple of by-elections now…

Cannot help but mention in passing the farcical state that the Home Office appears to now be in. It’s like a Carry On film – where one gaff follows another. However, hate to say I told you so – but on every possible occasion since I was elected I have pointed out that the Home Office is the most incompetent and inefficient organisation I have encountered. I have a stream of people through my surgery every week whose lives are held in suspended animation because the Home Office loses their documents, takes years to answer, makes mistakes, and so on. Just glad its awfulness is now being so publicly exposed. This must herald substantive change as people’s lives are completely screwed by such a dreadful department.