Postal vote problems in Noel Park

This part of the campaign always gets frenetic – stuffing, addressing, phone, canvassing and delivering non-stop.

A late telephone call with the chief of elections at Haringey Council reveals that one of the wards – Noel Park – pretty much has not received its postal votes. Whilst hundreds of postal votes have come back from other wards, in Noel Park the number is in low single figures. Clearly Royal Mail has messed up the delivery – big time.

So Norman Macleod – rightly – has decided to reissue all the votes in the ward and is getting council staff to hand-deliver them on Friday / Saturday morning. They will be given a new special code or colour – to identify them in some way as the second batch. If anyone should return two (if the originals turn up in any form) the first vote will be the one that counts.

For us – this means another bust of activity to get out an extra letter to people explaining what is going on. Busy, busy, busy!