The Lib Dems and Wood Green residents have been dismayed to discover that the Planning Inspectorate has given permission for the construction of the controversial ‘Playstation’ tower on the corner of Brabant Road and Station Road, alongside the vehicle entrance to Morrisons supermarket.

The news reached objectors in a letter dated April 20th.This follows months of campaigning by local residents groups, angered at the decision by Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone in his ‘London Plan’, to try to cram Wood Green with tower blocks and to make it more like Croydon. This has led to a rash of planning applications for over large, badly designed, 1960s style blocks of flats in the area.

One block – on the opposite corner of Station Road and Brabant Road, ‘Eclipse House’ has already been completed.

“Although this building was finished six months ago, it is still almost empty”, said Noel Park Liberal Democrat candidate Fiyaz Mughal. “This shows the hubris of New Labour. They think they know what’s best for people and insist on giving it to them whether they want it or not. It is now clear that this type of accommodation does not appeal to the ‘key workers’ it is aimed at.”

“Local people badly need decent, affordable homes”, said Woodside Lib Dem candidate Ajmal Masroor, “but why do Labour politicians and planners refuse to learn the lessons of the 1960s and attempt to foist badly designed, cramped flats, with no communal facilities, onto the long suffering citizens of Wood Green?”

“Plans like these drive a coach and horses through Haringey Council’s own Unitary Development Plan, as well as national planning guidelines”, said local architect Colin Kerr. “Developers try it on, and Haringey’s Planning Department and the Planning Inspectorate are letting them get away with it.”

“A Liberal Democrat run Haringey Council will ensure that our local planning officers vigorously defend planning committee decisions in future when they put the council’s case to a Planning Inquiry,” said group leader Neil Williams. “There is no point in the committee turning down a proposal if the council sits on its hands at an ensuing inquiry”.