London manifesto launch

Lynne Featherstone and Lib Dem council group leaders launch their manifestoUp to Lib Dem Head Quarters in Cowley Street. As spokesperson for London I set out the party’s ambitions to make real gains on May 4 and to launch our new London document ‘Empowering Local Communities’. It’s a best practise guide to what Liberal Democrat councils do in London so that people can see what you get when you vote for a LibDem council.

Our new Deputy leader Vince Cable and Lib Dem council leaders and Sarah Ludford, LibDem MEP for London, were also there. I quite like chairing launches. I am generally optimistic and enthusiastic – so I guess it’s a good idea for me to front these occasions.

The atmosphere in the room was very upbeat. Our expectation is that we will win more votes, more councillors and more councils! And judging by our canvassing – that is the way it is going!