Standing down as a councillor

April fools – but no time for fun. Out canvassing in Muswell Hill with Sheila Rainger. I am stepping down as a local councillor in Muswell Hill ward on May 4 and Sheila is the woman who I hope very much will replace me. We are out with my other colleagues Cllr Engert (Muswell Hill) and Cllr Newton (Fortis Green). (Jonathan Bloch, the third Muswell Hill councillor, is also restanding).

This is my old stomping ground as they say – and it is so lovely to knock on the doors that started my political career. In Sheila local residents will be getting a really good local councillor who is experienced – and also married to the Campaigns Director of the LibDems. She knows all about campaigning to help local people and if she is elected – they will have lots to discuss over the breakfast table!