Primary school class sizes in Haringey Borough are larger than they were when Labour came to power in 1997, and are amongst the highest in London, new figures show.

The average primary class in Haringey is 27.4 children, substantially higher than the London average of 26.7, and, most significantly, higher than in 1997, when the average class size was 26.9. Across London, just three boroughs have average class sizes higher than those in Haringey.

Councillor Gail Engert, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Education, comments:

“Across London, the average class size has dropped very slightly. It is very worrying indeed that Haringey does not follow that trend, and questions must be asked of Haringey Council as to why this is the case. We have already seen many pupils of all ages not being offered places at local schools in the borough; now we can see the long-term results of the Haringey Labour Party’s control of the Council.”

Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, comments:

“Larger class sizes and a shortage of school places are the results of years of Labour’s promises on education. The truth is in these stark statistics.”

Note: figures from Evening Standard 23rd March 2006