Haringey Council is being heavily criticised over its poor record on response times to requests for housing repairs. Residents are all too used to a poor quality of service, with much repair work being completed to an unacceptable level, but these long delays are the final straw, and are causing many to ask whether Haringey Council is capable of managing the borough.

According to its own performance figures, the Council took an average of 21 days to respond to a request for repair work in 2004-2005, and set a target of 10 days for 2005-2006. As the year draws to a close, it is clear that they are nowhere near meeting this target, with the year-to-date average still languishing at more than 17.

Councillor Neil Williams, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition, comments:

“This is just one more reminder that Haringey Council does not deliver value for money. Given the low standard of service that Haringey provides as a base level, one would expect that the Council would be making real efforts to improve in this area, especially with the local elections looming large.”