In the early evening, I get a message on my phone from Ming to say that he would like me to stay in the Home Affairs team as I had requested and would like me to be No2 (that’s one up from before!) – Deputy Shadow Home Secretary. Plus I get to keep the policing portfolio – so am delighted.

The business of the day is the ID cards debate on the Lords amendments. Starting for parliamentary procedure I don’t understand at 10pm which is when we usually finish on a Monday. The argument now is over the Government’s ridiculous assertion that the requirement to have a passport (with which you have to have an identity card) is voluntary. I should take Charles Clarke to a border and make him cross it without a passport. I’d love to see him arguing with the border guard that it is ‘voluntary’ as to whether you have a passport or not. Labour have gone completely mad. It was Nick Clegg’s debut proper speech as our Shadow Home Secretary – and he did really well. Nevertheless – the Government won by around 33 votes. The argument now goes back to the Lords where I hope they sling it out again. Of course – what will finally put a nail in the coffin will be the cost and how unpopular that it nearing an election. Bastards!

I also have to write an article on Education for the Ham & High Education Supplement – despite getting home very late – it’s not over ’til it’s over!

And my emails tell me that I have been nominated for the New Statesman New Media Awards for my website.

Good night!