Tories and climate change

There’s a Private Members Bill on climate change coming up in Parliament today for which I am going in. So many constituents care passionately about this – that I have changed surgery etc (whose normal time would have clashed with the debate) to make it in.

But, having made great efforts to be there – I might as well not have bothered. Don’t get me wrong – the Bill should be supported. But the games played by the Tories to muck around by talking out, or putting stupid amendments, and threatening to keep doing so in order that we have to come every Friday to listen to rubbish being spouted is a disgrace to politics. It is a joke. And the waste of public money, Parliamentary time, Members’ time – not to mention the joke it makes of Private Members Bills is appalling.

I manage one vote after several hours of debate – or farce – and then have to leave to launch a new initiative by Haringey Neighbourhood Watch. They have organised with the Primary Care Trust (PCT) to put up their posters in every doctors’ waiting room in Haringey – so lots and lots of residents will see it. It is a good way to prevent crime and good to see health and crime and community all working together. So with two burly policemen and two doctors I put up the first poster!