Local residents and campaigners from Creighton Avenue (N10) went home from Monday night’s planning committee with mixed feelings.

Some were celebrating success, having seen the plans for six four-storey houses to replace 14-16 Creighton Avenue rejected. Others were left extremely disappointed by the Committee’s failure to accept their objections to the proposed care home at 79 Creighton Avenue.

The plans for 14-16 were the second version, an initial attempt to get permission for seven houses having been recommended for refusal last year. The new plans were recommended for approval, but having heard the objections of residents and ward councillors the committee agreed to throw the proposals out.

Local ward councillor Matt Davies (Liberal Democrat, Fortis Green) comments:

“I am delighted for the residents of Creighton Avenue and Pages Hill that these proposals have been rejected. Campaigners have worked hard to show that this development would be unsuitable for the site and this is their just reward.”

However, the proposal to build a three storey care home at 79 Creighton Avenue, where Strathlene House currently stands, was approved. This approval came despite strong concern – and objections from more than 100 residents – based on issues of overlooking, traffic, size and design.

Matt Davies comments:

“I am disappointed the committee failed to take the concerns of local residents seriously on this application. The planned demolition of Strathlene House is highly undesirable and the new building will be both ugly and far too large for the site. The impact on neighbours, especially those in Ringwood Avenue, will be extremely overbearing. The general impact on the area of the cheap looking design and increase in traffic will also be very high.”