Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony in Haringey tonight at Bruce Castle Museum. I give a five minute speech (as do whole series of others) on the theme of what difference once person can make. I mention Schindler, Luther-King and Gandhi – but the real point is that each of us has to take responsibility for stopping any evil, discrimination or unfairness we counter in our own lives.

More important was the witness statement by a holocaust survivor – Eva Schloss. Every time I listen to a survivor tell their tale – I weep. No need to reiterate the particular story she told – all the stories from the holocaust break your heart. What I do know though is the importance of this day of remembrance for that Holocaust – and for all holocausts and genocides. As the stories are told – there is a small space in my life to remember and think about what happened and how that happened.

That is why this year’s theme is so important – because each of us is responsible for what happens in this world. And if we see evil and do nothing – then we are as guilty as those who do the act itself.