Taser guns

Things move on at a staggering pace when politics is in full flow – and it is. Chris Huhne – who I am backing for the Lib Dem leadership – came in this morning and – having ‘slept on it’ – decided it is now all systems go. To me – this shows he has the balls for leadership – because that’s what it takes

Of course, there is risk, but nothing ventured nothing gained – and this party needs a leader that will take it forward with radical thinking and exceptional skill.

All the candidates (including Chris) answered my seven questions that I posted up here for all the candidates. I will not publicise their answers, but on the one that the media so fastened on – the issue around what part was played by each in Kennedy’s downfall and what had they done in the preceding five years to address the problem – what I will say is that I was satisfied that they all acted in what they thought was the best interest of a wounded colleague and the party.

Retrospectively, we can all say how could this have been allowed to drag on for so long – but good intentions were at the heart of the matter. And for me – the inquest is ended. As to who briefed the press before Christmas – I don’t think we will ever know. The journalists involved know – but they will never reveal who done it. So – we will move on. Pick ourselves up – dust ourselves off – and concentrate on electing our new leader and making real gains at the local elections in May.

I’m backing Chris because he’s the real deal and I think he has the big idea. He may have started out as the dark horse of this race – but hey – life’s for living, and the bookies have already been slashing the odds on him. Some will say that he’s cheeky (or worse) to run when he’s only been an MP for 8 months. Personally I think that’s a positive advantage – as he hasn’t yet been seduced by the Westminster bubble and his memory still retains the imprint of the real world which is where it all matters. Chris will bring the outside world into parliament – and that’s what it needs!

There is a lot of enthusiasm out there as word leaks out that Chris will run. Messages of support and financial pledges – and so much work to be done.

Meanwhile, life goes on and I meet with the makers of the taser gun. Tasers shoot darts on a wire into the victim – where they then deliver an electric charge less than those slimming toning things that are used as a beauty treatment (!). Given these guys seem to be cleaning up and already supply something like 9,000 police forces – and their shares have gone up 4,000% – they are clearly commercially successful. Ditto – they seem to be going down a storm with police forces. I voiced a concern that as it can be shot from 25 foot – meaning the police can avoid close contact – it might encourage police to be ‘trigger-happy’ if using it is seen as (for them) the easier option. The counter argument from the makers was that they are totally accountable as they record through camera, etc, all the data and evidence of each usage. Very impressive.

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  1. Your comment about being 25 foot away. I’m sure to a police officer staring down someone with a knife, 25 foot doesn’t seem that far away.Police are accountable for any use of force so i can’t see this being any different re usage as, let’s say handcuffs, baton or CS (only CS hardly ever works).